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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Nov 2018

Communication At Digital Age - New Rules

Modern technology dictates new rules to our lives. The rules that you simply cannot ignore. You just have to follow these rules to be successful. Digital communication has own tricks, learn some of them in this episode

Nov 2018

Find Your Calling and Follow Your Intuition! Interview with Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran is international psychic and Spiritual Mentor. Her hashtag is #YouAreGuided and website is 

What we have to discuss is how to find and follow your calling, how to listen to your intuition and how not to overdo it all. Many people not ready to break though the society and family pressure or simply waiting for the 'next sign', Shannon has answers for all of this and guide for you to move forward. 

Nov 2018

Where Your Loyalty Starts and Ends

You are are partner, employer or employee, husband or wife, parent and child, client or manager. But where are 'you' in this World? Learn how to find yourself, build your healthy level of selfishness, stay loyal but been protected. Thus, next time when you meet betrayal or unfair treatment, you are ready and you have yourself

Nov 2018

Criticism & Black PR

There are many situations when you can get upset about incorrect/ bad/ critical word used, but the key is you can learn not to accept this negativism, but also use it!

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