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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Dec 2018

Life Change to the Opposite Direction - Adjusting and Living Through

This episode we are having Iva Tarle - successful diplomat from Croatia who've changed her life 180 degrees opposite direction. What most people think as TOP of career success was not enough for Iva and she've got that feeling known as 'I have to break free'. How difficult is it to adjust, how to find a purpose and follow inner you, changing it all without looking back  - all of this from the person who did it. Don't be jealous she can help you too! Join Iva's 5-day challenge or 90 days coaching program Check it out! - 5 Day Challenge Get Clarity on Your Purpose

Dec 2018

Addressing the Problem: Types of Responses and Effectiveness

There are certain types of reactions human brain produces when dealing with problems. Its quite similar to stages of grief, but also it is individual. Every person has own patterns of reactions to problem and our goal is to remember rule#1 and become most effective. Learn how in this episode

Dec 2018

Developing Healthy Self-confidence

Healthy self- confidence is something that everyone should work on. Every single day. The way to develop it right and not follow extra pride or arrogance is quite simple. Learn it from this episode.

Dec 2018

What Does That Mean to be on the TOP?

Not everybody supposed to be a TOP managers. Success, happiness, calling and meaning....Its all too individual and there's no wrong answer. Find yours and follow it. Let's make 2019 to do list

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