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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Jan 2019

Working in a Team vs Working Solo

Are you a soloist or enjoying to work in teams? You know that now you can enjoy both. There are certain and some are the most important skills for each - soloist and team player. Learn and adopt it with confidence! We are here to help!

Jan 2019

Seeing Perspective & Every Moment Matters

There are two extremes: one the people who only live the moment, literally. And second are the people who are dreaming of future, means just dreaming, not acting. How not to stuck at any of the categories but implement that image of super you in your life - find out from this episode.

Jan 2019

ReActing- perception, acceptance, processing and solution

Do you remember last situation you reacted to aggressively? Did it helped? What that negativity do for you? There's no magic switch to 'positivity' or universal solution to everything, but there's a process you can adopt to help you go through any situation without reacting unproductive way. Learn it with us

Jan 2019

How to Build Your Self-motivation to a Routine Level

Whatever your routine, you can always manage to get things done. It will be done if you keep yourself motivated and to do so, you also have certain tricks and tools. Find out how to keep up with good levels of self-motivation all the time

Jan 2019

2019! Do you have your plan in hand?

You do have it planned, you might even have it on the paper, but the most important is step 3. Find out what is it and follow Strategic Change Guide podcast to achieve more at 2019!

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