We have numerous emails from our listeners asking to share what techniques and exercises we use in our coaching and mentoring sessions. Well, they are numerous and the combination is unique every time. Here's one concept for you - to live your life in full

There are many sceptics around you telling you what you can and what you cannot, there are many opinions on when is it too late to change your career or how impossible it is to switch to another industry. It is not true. Do not fail yourself and do not listen to this, you can change. We'll help

No matter how good you are with planning and scheduling, you will definitely deal with different types of distractions. Just accept it. It's inevitable. These are four rules in how to deal with distractions

Are you still making excuses that you haven't achieved what you wanted because of.... age, country, government, family, no 'right' friends or something else? Stop blaming someone and start doing more, not talking, not dreaming, but acting. No coach will help you if you'll keep making excuses