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Time to Come Up with Results, Not Reasons | Oct 28, 2019 Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

The week starts now, your change starts now. There are a strategy, plan, and action between you and your dream. We want you to start coming up with results, not reasons. That's a goal for this week! 


Career Change - Oct 22, 2019 Mega Tuesday Episode

Yes, you got it right! There's no Motivational Monday Episode this week, but Mega Tuesday it is)

We have a cause - we just published our newest Career Change - Reimagining Your Career at Any Age Book and we are pretty excited that now we are able to help even more people with this book. 

We share tools and techniques, stories and samples, this book is for you - to stop, read, think and start your change right away! Get your copy:


Coping With Routines | Oct 14, 2019 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

There are many types of routines we are dealing with every single day. We have to find a way to not get stuck, stay positive and effective. Couple secrets from us. Make this week super cool!



What to do When You Shy | Oct 7, 2019 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

Being shy and building a business or career is a problem. You need to find a solution, here is one for you... Also, get more assistance on your success at | 



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