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Week 9. The Change is in the AIR

'The change is in the air', she said and went for a walk smiling to the world. Open up and reflect on what change you need this spring and this summer. Do not follow examples - like a movie story or the books - those are the things for your inspiration, not to copy. 

Please, be yourself, and follow true you! You are amazing!

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And one more thing... Please, SMILE! It is time to blossom!

Studying Ourselves | Feb 24, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

When you are 20 y.o. you get this distinct feeling that you know everything and you know what you want from life precisely. Later, you will notice that you change every year. Same as your tastes in foods changes, your perception of things will change, your desires and dreams will change. And it is such a great feeling when you learn more about yourself and changing your life.


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 8. Disappointment Management

Do you ever feel disappointed? Did you know that it will make you stuck and will make your problems just pile up?

There are ways to avoid this. This episode we consider three layers of disappointment and the ways to manage your state. Because you are the owner of your life!

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Enjoying the Moment | Feb 17, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

What does 'enjoying the moment's mean? It means you can always find things to be grateful for and the ways to enjoy the process, not just waiting to celebrate success. It is more than just 'relax, it will happen' and it never means sacrificing your goals for the 'moment to enjoy'


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 7. Desperate - Sad - Mad - Proactive - Winner Cycle

When we are dealing with problems, difficulties and really tough situations or periods where seems like everything goes wrong, we are going through the desperate-sad-mad-proactive-winner cycle, but there are tricks to get you out of there faster.

The Power | Feb 10, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

This week we want you to think about things that you don't like in your life - in your career, relationships, appearance, etc. And then we want you to hit exactly into this thing... with action. You have the power to change it all!


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 6. Defining and Managing Routines

Defining routines and managing them isn't actually the hard task. You can easily do this and optimize your time, free time for the things that are more important to you or the ones that you wanted to do for long, or simply for 'you' time - watching movie solo or going to the salon. You can do it, this episode I show you simple way of defining, organizing and managing your routines effectively.

You'll be surprised how easy it is!

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Here for you, Lucy


Commitment | Feb 3, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

How committed are you? What helps you to keep going no matter what? What helps you to get back to boring tasks? What excites you? There are many systems to make you more productive, we'll help you to find the one that works best for you


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

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