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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

May 2020

Self-destructive Sequences - May 25, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy


No matter what is going out around us, there's always something we'll find to take as a reason, or as an excuse to start to undervalue ourselves, say we are not worthy, we can't because...

This is a self-destructive sequence. Use our tips to learn to recognize these sequences and remove them from your life. Make the most of this week!

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May 2020

Managing Setbacks | May 18, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

There's no way to actually 'manage' setbacks, but there are ways to use setbacks and control your reaction, your perception, and your productivity. This episode we give you two angle views on managing setbacks. 


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May 2020

Turning Your Passion Into Profits | May 11, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim&Lucy

Turnin passion into profits is not just building a business out of the hobby, there's much more to the saying. 

The secret is to love what you are doing and in finding the part of what you do that you extremely enjoy. This is one of the success secrets that is often discussed but even more often is misunderstood.

It is not just 'I love knitting, I'll do it for money' or 'I love marketing, so I will teach others', it is about finding that specific something to develop and that secret sauce to building it to success.


Here for you every Monday. 

May 2020

Do Not Let Anybody Undervalue Yourself | May 4, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

You've probably heard this many times: 'do not undervalue yourself'. Yes, many of us do, and what is worse - allowing others to do the same. 

We want you to not let anyone, including you, undervalue yourself. 

You matter.

Your goal matters.

Your desire matters.

It cannot be different if someone said 'you can't', say 'watch me' and fight!

This episode gives you a push towards new you, stronger and successful, no matter what!


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