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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Jul 2020

You Can Take the Day Off | Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy -Jul 27, 2020

This is the best motivational Monday ever!

Why? Because the task for today will please you, find out how, why, and what we have to offer from this episode!


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Jul 2020

Choosing Your Ideal Idea to Improve Focus & Motivation - Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy-Jul 20, 2020

There are many similar concepts and many talks around - success image, dream board, vision board. 

On practice, however, we often get distracted even when we pictured what we want. What helps us keep focus and motivation? What makes one of us keep pushing and achieving the dream and others just stay in that victim-excuse-dreamer cycle?


Let's have a look...

Also, here's promised productivity booster for you, book now!


Jul 2020

How to Deal With Uncomfortable Questions - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, July 13, 2020

"When will you get married?', 'Why don't you change the job?',

'When will you have kids', - these and many more questions could be very uncomfortable.

But there are many layers behind those questions and there are ways to deals with these questions without an extreme level of frustration.

Learn how!



Jul 2020

Summer and Focusing Issues | Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, Jul 6, 2020

Summer always feels different. Maybe we inherit this feeling from school years, when we all excitedly waiting for summer to come to finally have more time to run around with friends. 

maybe it is because of the weather and the majority of people going on vacation. 

Maybe it is just a habit. 


Anyway, it is way different and our productivity will differ too, here are a couple of tips for you what you can do to ensure you have both - work tasks are done and entertainment to please yourself.


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