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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Aug 2020

Leading by Example - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 31, 2020

Leadership is a very interesting subject and we all learn about even without even acknowledging sometimes. We have more to offer to the world when we learn to compete with ourselves only, - becoming the better version of ourselves every single day is an ultimate goal.


Learn more about leading by example, why, and how it affects you and those around you from this episode.


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Aug 2020

How to Create Your Own Opportunities - Aug 24, 2020

How to? 

We often say 'Opportunities are everywhere' and that is truth. We also believe in the Idea economy and into one's ability to create, share, overcome, and improve. No matter what.

There are no wrong circumstances.

There's no time to wait.

There's no reason good enough for you to stop trying.


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Aug 2020

Accountability - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 17, 2020

You are the one responsible for the final result. Building accountability is an important task. Knowing what have you done, what have you do, what you missed, and why is a must-have. 

'Success is not owned, it is rented and rent is due everyday' Author unknown. It is up to you what will you achieve, remove all those 'because' and start acting.

Do not give me the reason, show me the result.

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Aug 2020

You Deserve It - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 10, 2020

We don't want you to sit and complain. We don't want you to focus on bad things happening around you, we want you to rise above the circumstances and start creating your luck!

There's no such thing as luck, except the one you created yourself. Do not compare yourself to others, you are the one who owns results. If you have not achieved results you wanted by this time of 2020, it is the right time to fix it.

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Aug 2020

Side Hustle - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 3, 2020

Since we encounter many obstacles and changes that the latest pandemic brought to the world, the perception of words 'side hustle', 'freelance', 'gig economy' has changed.

Life has changed, drastically.

What is the side hustle? It is more of a necessity for many people right now...


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