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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Feb 2021

Communication is a King & a Queen - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Feb 22, 2021

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”—George Bernard Shaw


Communication has changed nowadays, but it is still extremely important. Learn how to train yourself to improve.

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Feb 2021

Reasonable Doubt vs Self-limiting Beliefs - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Feb 15, 2021

Picture the scale - reasonable doubt on one side and self-limiting beliefs on another. tTheres a secret to making to work and it's not in making it still. Learn more from this episode and message to get personal development option for you

Feb 2021

The World Is Not Against You - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Feb 8, 2021

The world is not against you, it is not mad or unfair - it is all in your head and result depends on you. Hard to believe sometimes, right?

Find out why from this episode...


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Feb 2021

Do Not Wait For Friday - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Feb 1, 2021

You can call it 'office syndrome' - you are excited when Friday is here and completely dis-motivated and sad on Monday. Know the feeling?

You must learn to get rid of it!


Learn how from this episode. 

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