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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Oct 2021

How to Fight Burnouts - Meet Claudia Garbutt

Burnout is one of the biggest problems of all times. It is a problem for business and workforce. It is a personal problem that causes a great deal of inconvenience and can bear dire consequences. How to fight burnouts? Today, we are talking to Claudia Garbutt  - who knows everything about it and helps her clients effectively fight burnouts.


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Oct 2021

Overcoming Barriers & Accomplishing Your Goals - Meet Dr./Commander Mary Kelly

#Goal setting isn't hard. Yet still many mistake this part with dreaming. #Accomplishing our goals isn't hard either. It requires discipline, #strategy .... and many tools to help you along the way. We always have tips for you and today we have a special guest, Dr./Commander Mary Kelly, who will share her secrets on how to accomplish your #goals. You just must listen to this episode:)


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Oct 2021

Building Relationship With Yourself First - Meet John Kenny

This week we have John Kenny here to tell you about the most important relationship in your life. John is a 'relationship guy'. He helps professional women build strong and healthy relationships. And the secret to a successful relationship will surprise you...


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Sep 2021

Changing Perspective

We know about keeping focus. We know about working on perception, managing stress, anxiety, working on our motivation. But what it really takes? 

Being able to change perspective is one of the tiniest and yet most effective tools. Why? How? Learn from this episode!


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Sep 2021

There Are Two ‘You‘ Inside You - Meet Rob White

This week we interview an incredible Rob White - the author of 'The Maestro Monologue' book. Rob tells you about that secret villain that sits inside you and trying to manage your every step, how it links to your brain and how to break those links and start living to your full potential. 

Find out Rob's secrets from this episode:)


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Sep 2021

Your Productive Anxiety

Having an issue of anxiety? It slows you down and ruins your plans? Well, we know how you feel.... And we know how awful it can be. 

But, you can use your anxiety episodes to your advantage and actually, improve your productivity. How? Find out from this episode. 


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Please note - any technique used in this episode is aimed to assist you, but it can never be used as a replacement of professional therapy.

Sep 2021

How to Land Your Dream Job - Meet Sarah Baker Andrus

Today, we have a pleasure to speak to Sarah Baker Andrus - experienced career counselor. Sarah has great valuable advice on job search at this day and age, when all the rules of the game have changed, and it causes a lot of confusion for many job seekers. 

Find out what to do and what not to do to land your dream job this week. 


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Aug 2021

Get Rid of Habit of Looking back

Some things make you stuck.

Some things slow you down.

Some things program you for failure. How to get out of those cycles - find out from this episode.


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Aug 2021

Can You Really Plan Your Career?

Can you really plan your career? Who can choose a career for us?

Have you been the one who's followed the parents' will? Well... times have changed. You have more power. You have more decisions to make and more responsibilities as well. 'You' are the key to everything. Find out what you can do about your career and what you should leave to the 'flow'...


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Aug 2021

Fears. Anxiety. Uncertainty

We live in the world of constant movement, changes, threats and opportunities. We are extremely overloaded with information, additional problem and 'another thing to take care of'. 

Well, it can be really challenging. What to do when fear and anxiety feels unbearable? Affects your life and work? FInd out from this episode...


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