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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Sep 2021

Your Productive Anxiety

Having an issue of anxiety? It slows you down and ruins your plans? Well, we know how you feel.... And we know how awful it can be. 

But, you can use your anxiety episodes to your advantage and actually, improve your productivity. How? Find out from this episode. 


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Please note - any technique used in this episode is aimed to assist you, but it can never be used as a replacement of professional therapy.

Sep 2021

How to Land Your Dream Job

Today, we have a pleasure to speak to Sarah Baker Andrus - experienced career counselor. Sarah has great valuable advice on job search at this day and age, when all the rules of the game have changed, and it causes a lot of confusion for many job seekers. 

Find out what to do and what not to do to land your dream job this week. 


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Aug 2021

Get Rid of Habit of Looking back

Some things make you stuck.

Some things slow you down.

Some things program you for failure. How to get out of those cycles - find out from this episode.


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Aug 2021

Can You Really Plan Your Career?

Can you really plan your career? Who can choose a career for us?

Have you been the one who's followed the parents' will? Well... times have changed. You have more power. You have more decisions to make and more responsibilities as well. 'You' are the key to everything. Find out what you can do about your career and what you should leave to the 'flow'...


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Aug 2021

Fears. Anxiety. Uncertainty

We live in the world of constant movement, changes, threats and opportunities. We are extremely overloaded with information, additional problem and 'another thing to take care of'. 

Well, it can be really challenging. What to do when fear and anxiety feels unbearable? Affects your life and work? FInd out from this episode...


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Aug 2021

How Productive Multitasking Is?

There are a lot of myths around multitasking, a lot of things being said and opinions shared. Some will harshly criticize anyone who promotes multitasking, others will love to improve in that area.

What opinion is correct? Is it old school to use multitasking?

FInd out from this episode!

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Aug 2021

Do It Because You Want It - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - August 2, 2021

Today we have an absolutely amazing guest from London, UK. Wellcome Jill Phillips, with her amazing stories of not giving up, achieving more just because 'She Wanted So!'

There's no reason of giving up or slowing down, just because someone else said you have to or it is the right thing to do. It is not, if it is not the right thing for you...

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Jul 2021

How to Get Out of Overthinking the Future or Staying Put in Today - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Jul 26, 2021

It is like two sides, two scenarios...both are unproductive when unbalanced. You either overthinking future, forgetting about acting today to move you closer to the tomorrow's goal, or staying put and 'living today' without having a plan for the future.

How to get out of those vicious cycles? Find out from this episode...

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Jul 2021

Planning the Next Step When Circumstances Slow You Down - Jul 19, 2021

Sometimes it feels like everything against us - anything that could have gotten delayed - was delayed and there's nothing you can do about it. Being there?

Well... we all did. Great strategy, grand plan but then something just goes wrong and to get that tiny piece resolved nothing else you can do but wait.

But what can you do meanwhile? Learn from this episode of Motivational Monday...


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Jul 2021

Analyze. Improve. Repeat. - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Jul 12, 2021

This is your new mantra, new rule, new routine - whatever it is you call it. Analyze. Improve. Repeat. - these three steps will get you anywhere. Why? How? What's the trick?

Find out from this episode!

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