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Uncertain Times Call for Uncommon Leadership | Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Jun 1, 2020

Are you a leader?

What do you do under current circumstances? 

Have you changed?

It is important to recognize changes to overcome challenges, especially from the leadership point of view. Wherever - in your team at work, in your family, in your couple, in your solo-solo-preneur journey, there's a room for a wise leadership that will benefit you the most. Find out how from this episode.

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Self-destructive Sequences - May 25, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy


No matter what is going out around us, there's always something we'll find to take as a reason, or as an excuse to start to undervalue ourselves, say we are not worthy, we can't because...

This is a self-destructive sequence. Use our tips to learn to recognize these sequences and remove them from your life. Make the most of this week!

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Managing Setbacks | May 18, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

There's no way to actually 'manage' setbacks, but there are ways to use setbacks and control your reaction, your perception, and your productivity. This episode we give you two angle views on managing setbacks. 


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Turning Your Passion Into Profits | May 11, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim&Lucy

Turnin passion into profits is not just building a business out of the hobby, there's much more to the saying. 

The secret is to love what you are doing and in finding the part of what you do that you extremely enjoy. This is one of the success secrets that is often discussed but even more often is misunderstood.

It is not just 'I love knitting, I'll do it for money' or 'I love marketing, so I will teach others', it is about finding that specific something to develop and that secret sauce to building it to success.


Here for you every Monday. 

Do Not Let Anybody Undervalue Yourself | May 4, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

You've probably heard this many times: 'do not undervalue yourself'. Yes, many of us do, and what is worse - allowing others to do the same. 

We want you to not let anyone, including you, undervalue yourself. 

You matter.

Your goal matters.

Your desire matters.

It cannot be different if someone said 'you can't', say 'watch me' and fight!

This episode gives you a push towards new you, stronger and successful, no matter what!


Decluttering Your Life | Apr 27, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Ever heard about 'spring-cleaning your life' term? We also like the term de-cluttering, refresh, reset, and so on. It sounds so easy and yet somehow it might be difficult to implement. This episode we give you some advice on how to reach the point when you will start feeling this change, this refreshment, and restart.

It is spring and with goes slower right now, you have the right moment to make it work for you!


Yours, Jim & Lucy

Uncertainty Today and Tomorrow | Apr 20, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

We do not know when things will go back to normal. And how different from our familiar 'normal' this 'normal' would be. We do now that we need to change, stay positive, active and productive no matter what. That's an ultimate goal!

Think about your rainy fund, why do you prepare it? Exactly to be ready when something financially burdening happens all of the sudden. 

Same with uncertainty - we want you to be ready for any situation, and the most difficult part is in your mind. Here we share a couple of secrets of how to bring your mind 'to your side.


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What Exactly Do You Need to Use This Time Effectively? | Apr 13, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

What exactly do you need to start an effective change? Well, the most popular excuses for not doing this or that is:

1. 'I don't have enough time'

2. 'I can't afford it'

Well, you know what? You do have enough time. And with this episode, we share what exactly you can do now, when you have enough time, without extra or any budget.


Positive and Active | Apr 6, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

There is a secret of how you can get through difficult times and situations. And more than one. Staying positive isn't enough, just being proactive isn't enough either. Get ready, some tips for you to get through these unusual times.


Always be Ready for Change - Planned or Unexpected | Mar 30, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

It is nice to deal with planned change only. But life is full of surprises and we often forced to deal with unexpected changes as well. We want you to stay safe, stay calm, and proactive during any crisis.

Always be your best! You are amazing!


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Fighting Fears and Using it for Your Benefit | Mar 23, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

We live in times of uncertainty, - common opinion nowadays. People are scared, some are in a very tough point due to the lack of work hours or ongoing contracts to cover this month's bills. It will be scary, yes.

Some are prepared better than others. Some are not prepared.

But frankly, it is not the first difficult period and not the last one, right? Let's make sure we are prepared for the future, and most importantly we are prepared to embrace the change and use any situation and circumstances to our benefit.



Week 12. Uncertain Times - Each and Every Your Action Matters

At these uncertain times, many disagree it is something extraordinary going on, many agree on difficult times terms and many are just relaxed waiting for the situation to pass by.

However, each and every one of us can do better, we can be support and basis for the positive change.


Yours, #strategichangeguide

Crisis Management | Mar 16, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

Crisis, everyone talks about the current crisis, but we all know that it is happening all the time, not just next virus, but many other - layouts, someone in your family getting sick, cuts in payments, insurance terms change...and many more... 

We want you to be always prepared, always feel secure. How and why - find out from this episode.



Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 11. How Does Panic Affects Your Goals and Effectiveness

Did you notice any changes when the situation around you is unstable? The world goes into a panic and what happens to your goals and activity?

Yes, it will be different. There is a little secret of how to navigate through these uncertain times and manage to not walk on edges. Find out from this episode.

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Spending Time Together and by Yourself | Mar 9, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

Both are important and both will give you a boost. So, your task for this week will be to find that place and space and time for yourself and those who are important to you!


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 10. Physical Functionality as a Part of Peak Performance System

Physical functionality is one of the basic Level one elements of the Peak Performance System. And just think - you are less productive when your body is exhausted, when you are extremely tired but keep trying to push it because 'long list of tasks', 'so much to do', 'following the dream'.

You don't want to reach your goal and find out that your physical body is not able to enjoy your result. You should find your balance and your effective combinations.


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Don’t Let Your Old Relationship Hold You Back | Mar 2, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

We don't often start this subject. But it's time for you to cut off another thing that might hold you back from your desirable, perfect, amazing YOU! Think about it...


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 9. The Change is in the AIR

'The change is in the air', she said and went for a walk smiling to the world. Open up and reflect on what change you need this spring and this summer. Do not follow examples - like a movie story or the books - those are the things for your inspiration, not to copy. 

Please, be yourself, and follow true you! You are amazing!

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And one more thing... Please, SMILE! It is time to blossom!

Studying Ourselves | Feb 24, 2020 Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy

When you are 20 y.o. you get this distinct feeling that you know everything and you know what you want from life precisely. Later, you will notice that you change every year. Same as your tastes in foods changes, your perception of things will change, your desires and dreams will change. And it is such a great feeling when you learn more about yourself and changing your life.


Yours, #strategicchanegguide

Week 8. Disappointment Management

Do you ever feel disappointed? Did you know that it will make you stuck and will make your problems just pile up?

There are ways to avoid this. This episode we consider three layers of disappointment and the ways to manage your state. Because you are the owner of your life!

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