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Stop Reliving Your Past - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 18, 2020

We all tend to slide into the dangerous trap of reliving our past. The bad, unfair situations that happened to us seem to capture our brains, and if it happens too often and takes too much time and emotion from us, it affects our present and future.


You don't want it. We don't want it for you.

Break the cycle, stop doing it. Listen to this episode for your why and how...


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Big Change Consists of Little Things - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 12, 2020

The journey of a thousand miles starts from the first step, remember?

Any big change consists of small things. You can make the change for yourself and for the World, even now, even under the lockdowns.

World Food Programme was awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize!
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How to Bounce Back to Great Under the Challenging Circumstances - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 5, 2020

It can be hard, challenging, emotionally exhausting... But it all depends on you, you can turn things around for yourself.

Find out from this episode - the components you need to make it happen - bouncing back to great under any unimaginably hard circumstances.


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Stop Overthinking - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 28, 2020

“You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”
― Michelle Obama

That is correct, this is your task for this week - stop overthinking, stop playing those 'what if' or 'i've seen that' scenarios in your head over and over.


It is, basically, a waste of time!

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Morning Routines - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 21, 2020

Routine is such a scary word. But routines are not just boring things we have to do monotonously all the time, routnes are the things that can be organized and managed pretty well. You have automation and delegation for help.

When it comes to morning routines it is a part of your daily motivation, it is how you set your day for success. It defines your outcome.

Find out more from this episode and send us some videos and pics of your morning routines:) We can't wait: 

Embrace Your Personality - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 14, 2020

This week it is a tribute to you, to your personality. We want you to embrace your uniqueness and shine. 


Albert Camus said: 'We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die.'

Change is part of growth. We want you to make things happen for you, and the only way is to grow intellectually. Learn, reflect, adapt, react.


'The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.' Jim Morrison.

We want your uniqueness to help you shine!


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How Taking Care of Yourself Affects Your Business Results - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 7, 2020

Recollect the last time you felt seek or you got into a fight with your significant other, confused or angry? How productive were you that week? That month?


If you look back you recognize that you weren't. Here's why...


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Leading by Example - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 31, 2020

Leadership is a very interesting subject and we all learn about even without even acknowledging sometimes. We have more to offer to the world when we learn to compete with ourselves only, - becoming the better version of ourselves every single day is an ultimate goal.


Learn more about leading by example, why, and how it affects you and those around you from this episode.


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How to Create Your Own Opportunities - Aug 24, 2020

How to? 

We often say 'Opportunities are everywhere' and that is truth. We also believe in the Idea economy and into one's ability to create, share, overcome, and improve. No matter what.

There are no wrong circumstances.

There's no time to wait.

There's no reason good enough for you to stop trying.


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Here for you, Jim & Lucy

Accountability - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 17, 2020

You are the one responsible for the final result. Building accountability is an important task. Knowing what have you done, what have you do, what you missed, and why is a must-have. 

'Success is not owned, it is rented and rent is due everyday' Author unknown. It is up to you what will you achieve, remove all those 'because' and start acting.

Do not give me the reason, show me the result.

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You Deserve It - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 10, 2020

We don't want you to sit and complain. We don't want you to focus on bad things happening around you, we want you to rise above the circumstances and start creating your luck!

There's no such thing as luck, except the one you created yourself. Do not compare yourself to others, you are the one who owns results. If you have not achieved results you wanted by this time of 2020, it is the right time to fix it.

Lucy will help:

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Side Hustle - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 3, 2020

Since we encounter many obstacles and changes that the latest pandemic brought to the world, the perception of words 'side hustle', 'freelance', 'gig economy' has changed.

Life has changed, drastically.

What is the side hustle? It is more of a necessity for many people right now...


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You Can Take the Day Off | Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy -Jul 27, 2020

This is the best motivational Monday ever!

Why? Because the task for today will please you, find out how, why, and what we have to offer from this episode!


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Choosing Your Ideal Idea to Improve Focus & Motivation - Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy-Jul 20, 2020

There are many similar concepts and many talks around - success image, dream board, vision board. 

On practice, however, we often get distracted even when we pictured what we want. What helps us keep focus and motivation? What makes one of us keep pushing and achieving the dream and others just stay in that victim-excuse-dreamer cycle?


Let's have a look...

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How to Deal With Uncomfortable Questions - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, July 13, 2020

"When will you get married?', 'Why don't you change the job?',

'When will you have kids', - these and many more questions could be very uncomfortable.

But there are many layers behind those questions and there are ways to deals with these questions without an extreme level of frustration.

Learn how!



Summer and Focusing Issues | Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, Jul 6, 2020

Summer always feels different. Maybe we inherit this feeling from school years, when we all excitedly waiting for summer to come to finally have more time to run around with friends. 

maybe it is because of the weather and the majority of people going on vacation. 

Maybe it is just a habit. 


Anyway, it is way different and our productivity will differ too, here are a couple of tips for you what you can do to ensure you have both - work tasks are done and entertainment to please yourself.


What Is Motivation? Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, Jun 29, 2020

What is the motivation for you? What is the general definition?

External and internal factors, systems, and how it works. 

We often talk about motivation without even thinking about it, about the details and pieces to collect to get you or any other person motivated.

According to the dictionary, Motivation (also, motive, incentive) -is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. Why do we need to have reasons to follow what we want?

These and more questions we addressed in this episode. Let' s make the most of this week!

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Self-awareness that Serves You - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, Jun 22, 2020

Dreaming is not enough. Setting goals is not enough. The strategy is not enough. You need to act. You need to be aware of your situation all the time, every single day, every single moment. 


Because you know what? You are the only one responsible for the outcome!

If you don't live the life you want - it's your fault and it is the perfect time to fix it. We will help you!


More motivational content for you:

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How Your Brain Tricks You Into ‘Secure’ but Non-productive Behaviors - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Jun 15, 2020

We all experience these situations. Our brains trying to protect us and trying to play a 'bad scenario' pushing us into fearful, depressive, non-productive behavioral sequences.

Doctors can recommend solutions but we also have what to add to help you!

Listen to this episode and get yourself back on track!


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Stop Feeling Confused and Overwhelmed - Get Clarity Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy, Jun 8, 2020 15:27

We do have times when we feel confused and overwhelmed. There are a few most common reasons, it could be routine, stress, uncontrolled circumstances, and variations of those. 

To stay productive and keep effective work, you need to get back on track. Here are a couple of tricks to do so.

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