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Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy

Jan 2021

Being Present in the Moment - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy-Jan 25, 2021

When you turn your face to the past, you same turning your back to the future. When you are too much into the future, always unsatisfied, you are losing what you have. You have a lot, acknowledge that.

Tricky? Learn how to avoid common traps from this episode.


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Jan 2021

ASAP Means Now - Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy - Jan 18, 2021

I've been enjoying the movie this weekend 'The scent of a woman' with one of my favourite actors Al Pacino and there was a moment when he said 'ASAP means now', trying to hurry his young aid.

And this phrase just stuck with me... it is so big!

We all tend to put things aside, tasks for later, ideas for 'someday', dreams for 'whenever I'll get time, money, blah-blah-blah...'


Find out the twister secrets from this episode of Motivational Monday by jim and Lucy


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Jan 2021

How New This New Year Is? - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Jan 11, 2021

New Year! Woo-ho!

Have this amazing festive feeling, right? Are you the one who sets new year resolutions or the one who simply enjoys the 'new feeling' of every December 31-January 1? 

No matter which cohort you are with, you might experience the very same feeling of underachievement, same thing happening again and again, year after year. And frankly, almost none of us reached 2020 goals, but we know that many dont reach them every single year, so 2020 was not different from that perspective.

How can you break through and make this year count? Find out from this episode of Motivational Monday Podcast.

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Dec 2020

New Year Resolutions vs Goals - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Dec 21, 2020

Have you set New Year's resolutions last year? How did it go? Do you have a feeling that the same things are happening and keeping you from achieving more? 

Well, there is a reason for that...

Learn more from this episode!

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Dec 2020

4 Toxins Affecting the Quality of Your Life - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Dec 14, 2020

You must be thinking about tobacco, alcohol, covid, and ...

Well, there are other toxins that significantly affect the quality of your life. Find out what they are and how to remove them to improve the quality of your life.


Here for you every Monday, Jim & Lucy

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Dec 2020

The Feeling of Disappointment - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Dec 7, 2020

According to one of the recent researches, even those under 35 y. o. started experiencing a lack of motivation since the pandemic started. Thes also increased laziness of those, who are forced to stay home. Another thing that follows is a disappointment... Learn from this episode why and how you get there and most importantly how you can get out of it and make the best of these times.


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Nov 2020

Alignment - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Nov 30, 2020

What is the alignment?

There's more to it than some spiritual or holistic talk. Find out how to develop smart and effective alignment, make sure you are following your goals strategically.

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Nov 2020

Developing the Attitude to Lead - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Nov 23, 2020

The ability to lead is an essential skill to start a business or take any type of job that is above entry-level. But also, the ability to lead defines your personal and professional results.

You need to lead yourself first, build it up with the right attitude.

Why and how? Find out from this episode!

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Nov 2020

Practicing the Right Focus - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Nov 16, 2020

Focus can keep us on track, can keep us going, or can be a distraction.

Two cases can do harm - when you focus on the past or when you jump from one thing to another.

You can learn to manage those things and start practicing the 'right' focus.

Learn how from this episode!


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Nov 2020

The Pros and Cons of Stubbornness - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Nov 9, 2020

Being stubborn can either benefit or harm you. It can be both, eventually. 

The ability to manage your emotions, your perception, and your 'stubbornness' are highly important.  Find out why and how from this episode.


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Nov 2020

How Curiosity Affects Our Lives - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Nov 2, 2020

We often think about curiosity leading our children to discoverings, which can also be dangerous. You'll understand if you have teens, if you are approaching that point: be brave:)  A friend said 'and that's when wine helps parents to cope'


But today, we want to encourage you to think deeper about curiosity and what it means for your life, career, and you personally. It has a high-impact potential, do not waste it!


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Oct 2020

Toxicity in Your Life - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 25, 2020

Toxic people, toxic reactions, toxic behaviors, - all of these can slow us down, demotivate, and damage our self-confidence.

In fact, we can do it ourselves, produce the toxicity that affects our lives.

Let's break this cycle and build a better life.


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Oct 2020

Stop Reliving Your Past - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 18, 2020

We all tend to slide into the dangerous trap of reliving our past. The bad, unfair situations that happened to us seem to capture our brains, and if it happens too often and takes too much time and emotion from us, it affects our present and future.


You don't want it. We don't want it for you.

Break the cycle, stop doing it. Listen to this episode for your why and how...


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Oct 2020

Big Change Consists of Little Things - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 12, 2020

The journey of a thousand miles starts from the first step, remember?

Any big change consists of small things. You can make the change for yourself and for the World, even now, even under the lockdowns.

World Food Programme was awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize!
It is an honor to be a part of something big, yes, we just donors, but every contribution matters! #WFP #ShareTheMeal
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Oct 2020

How to Bounce Back to Great Under the Challenging Circumstances - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Oct 5, 2020

It can be hard, challenging, emotionally exhausting... But it all depends on you, you can turn things around for yourself.

Find out from this episode - the components you need to make it happen - bouncing back to great under any unimaginably hard circumstances.


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Sep 2020

Stop Overthinking - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 28, 2020

“You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”
― Michelle Obama

That is correct, this is your task for this week - stop overthinking, stop playing those 'what if' or 'i've seen that' scenarios in your head over and over.


It is, basically, a waste of time!

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Sep 2020

Morning Routines - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 21, 2020

Routine is such a scary word. But routines are not just boring things we have to do monotonously all the time, routnes are the things that can be organized and managed pretty well. You have automation and delegation for help.

When it comes to morning routines it is a part of your daily motivation, it is how you set your day for success. It defines your outcome.

Find out more from this episode and send us some videos and pics of your morning routines:) We can't wait: 

Sep 2020

Embrace Your Personality - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 14, 2020

This week it is a tribute to you, to your personality. We want you to embrace your uniqueness and shine. 


Albert Camus said: 'We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die.'

Change is part of growth. We want you to make things happen for you, and the only way is to grow intellectually. Learn, reflect, adapt, react.


'The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.' Jim Morrison.

We want your uniqueness to help you shine!


Let's improve your productivity, routine management skills, or leadership skills, email us:

Sep 2020

How Taking Care of Yourself Affects Your Business Results - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Sep 7, 2020

Recollect the last time you felt seek or you got into a fight with your significant other, confused or angry? How productive were you that week? That month?


If you look back you recognize that you weren't. Here's why...


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Aug 2020

Leading by Example - Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy - Aug 31, 2020

Leadership is a very interesting subject and we all learn about even without even acknowledging sometimes. We have more to offer to the world when we learn to compete with ourselves only, - becoming the better version of ourselves every single day is an ultimate goal.


Learn more about leading by example, why, and how it affects you and those around you from this episode.


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